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Ductless Systems
(Mini Split Air Conditioning with Heat pump options)

Ocean State Air Solutions is a certified LG Excellence Contractor. We install and repair LG Mini Split AC/Heatpump units.

Duct-Free Benefits

Duct-free systems are an excellent add-on to homes with “non-ducted” heating systems, baseboard heating, radiant panels and space heaters. They are also an excellent choice for an additional room where installing ductwork is not feasible.


Air Quality

▪ Most indoor units come standard with filters
▪ Indoor unit enhanced air circulation with electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds


Custom Comfort

▪ Precise temperature settings for each room or zone for individualized temperature control
▪ Electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds on indoor units keep room temperatures consistent
▪ Powerful Jet Cool setting on some indoor unit models quickly lowers temperature of warm rooms
▪ LG outdoor and indoor units operate at low sound levels for quiet comfort
▪ Duct-free heat pump systems provide both cooling and heating for all season use
▪ All indoor units include a handheld or a wall-mounted controller

Reduced Energy Costs

▪ Electricity consumption may be reduced
▪ Less ductwork means less energy loss through duct leaks
▪ Many LG Duct-Free Split systems are ENERGY STAR® rated
▪ Utility companies, and/or local, state and federal government may offer tax credits or rebates 
( RI Rebates with National Grid )


Lower Maintenance

▪ LG’s commitment to quality means years of dependable comfort
▪ Indoor unit filters are easy to clean and change when needed 


Easy Installation

▪ Little to no ductwork required; most indoor units can mount on any wall
▪ Installation only requires a small 2 3/4 inch hole to be drilled in the walls
▪ Smaller indoor and outdoor units ensure space saving convenience
▪ Long refrigerant piping lengths allow for extra installation and design flexibility


Enhancement to your Home

▪ Indoor units are available in a variety of elegant designs to complement any décor


Ocean State Air Solutions, Inc. is licensed for HVAC in Rhode Island.


LG Full Heat Pump / AC Unit
From Heat Pump/AC units

LG Art Cool Gallery unit
to Art Cool, Gallery units

LG Art Cool Gallery unit

Ocean State Air Solutions is a certified LG Excellence Contractor

See more information at LG site about ductless products. Ocean State Air Solutions is a certified LG Excellence Contractor

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